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Friday, 9 September 2011

Scottish hip hop


In the 1980s the elements of hip hop culture had spread to Scotland. Hip-hop and electro music reached Scotland and was adopted and developed locally by DJs and later MCs.
From the inception of Hip hop culture in Scotland, and possibly due to the universal nature of the element, break dancing has been popular. Scotland has had a number of strong breaking crews over the years, such as Glasgow City Breakers, Lazer City Crew(LCC), Ayrshire, Skywalkers, Floor Freaks, White City Breakers and The Clan. Bboys such as Archie Easton, Brian Sharp,Baby J, Billy Todd, Mark Auldy Alderson, Gaz,Nancy McAndrew, Hammy,John Todd & Coza are all well known for thier skills in Breakin and today's Bboys such as sideshow maule, eggy, presto, T pop, Maroc,sam,super stevie, tiger, harribo, Karol & Matt Finnish are taking Breakin forward.
The country also has a strong history of DJ talent such as DJ Sonny from EdinburghAberdeen's A La Fu playing far and wide overseas solo and as part of the Big Dada roster, D.J/Producer Nasty P(soul biscuits). DJ Plus One (ex-world DMC champ), Richie Rufftone (Scratch), DJ Krash Slaughta (II Tone Committee, Monkey Mafia), DJ Bunty and others.
Throughout the 1990s the popularity of hip hop culture spread outwards from the city to the coast, with groups appearing from further afield, such as All Time High and Speech Therapy. Contemporary Scottish hip hop is often overlooked due to the dominance of the English, and specifically London, rap scene. Contemporary Scottish acts that have managed to gain attention beyond the country's borders include such acts as Eastborn who has toured the world and recorded with Sunz of ManCanibus and other major US artists, Two Tone Committee, the ICARUS (who's track 'Longing for Reason' was used on a 'Bones' TV advert worldwide), Steg G and the Freestyle Master, Big Div, Mr Jinx Scotland Yard Emcees, CatchKlick Emceez, Madhat McGore, Loki, Respek BA, Werd (S.O.S), Bigg Taj and All Time High whose " 68 n i owe ya 1 " track was picked up by Jurassic 5's DJ Nu-Mark and used on his worldwide released "Hands on " LP, a nice little achievement for a Scottish group.

Battle Scene

Many people who contribute to Hip Hop in one way or another feel battling is a very important part of Hip Hop Culture. The most recognized Battle Emcee in Scotland is Respek BA from Glasgow who competed in numerous street battles. Soul Biscuits a Hip Hop night in Scotland have hosted battles/competitions for Breakdancing, Graffiti Art, Beat Making and most notable 'The Soul Biscuits Emcee Championship' a freestyle tournament over beats, past winners include Jee4ce and Mr.Mackenzie

Edinburgh (Auld Reekie)

Edinburgh hip hop artists include: Reachout(Seen/Oh Eye Records), CatchKlick Emceez (Fader, Monolith, Cyrical C and Mr.MacKenzie), Capitol 12 12 (Fly T and Profreesor Fresh), Perfect Practice (Nostal/Holmes and Dj Sonny), Hex Co.(Sandman/Charlie Chong/Captain Howdy) S.T.M (O.D.G Records), Dead Set Gemini (Jee4ce/Deezy/Show N Prove), Stonez The Riddlah'(UV Beats), Werd (S.O.S), Wardie Burns (Powercut Productions), Mr.Jinx (Yard Emceez/BurghRecords) Scotland Yard Emcees, L.Green, Mickey Blues, Big Spud, Depths, S-Type, DJ Nasty P, Dave Gunn (DKM/BurghRecords), Bone def (GhostGroove Records), Northern Exposure, Madhat McGore (MCFR), Kon-Tempt (AV8 Records) Simba (Rush Music Group), Clovie (Eternal Thuggin Recordz), The Fly boy generalz and Zambian Astronaut.
The Capital City's hip hop scene is much the same as any other. It relies on the club promoters to book the big acts, then giving the local acts a chance to perform in support. A lot of Hip Hop club nights have come and gone but a few like Soul Biscuits, Urban Scot, Pass The Vibes and Noizteez have managed to maintain a regular slot in clubs like Cabaret Voltaire and G.R.V (formally Octapus Diamond)and more recently Medina(D.J Nasty P & Cunnie) still pull the crowds in. MC Profisee (Clokes x Daggers) who has always played an active role in the emerging Hip hop scene since his Dark Paragons/Scotland Yard days he has recently been mixing flavors of Dub-Step, Electronica and Grime into his style, playing a big part in the success of club nights like Volume (Termite, G Mac) and Soul Biscuits. English Rapper Skinnyman recorded a song called 'Soul Buscuits' for the album 'Choosers Can't Be Beggars' by Nasty P who was also the main figure behind the night club.

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